[CT Birds] Stratford yard/woods-

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 16 12:54:58 EST 2010

1/16, Stratford yard/woods-


(1) Winter wren.... absent, or un-relocatable for about a month now

(2) male E. Towhees

(1) Field Sparrow

(1) adult Sharp-shinned hawk... in the area for over a month now.  I bet Scott K's had a dove or soething plucked from his yard across the woods.


Also, a probable/possible Cackling Goose in thith the few hundred that frequent the Mill River CC in Stratford (flock best veiwed from Cutspring road, adjaent to the driving range and next to the newspaper dispenser).  Cleary smaller, stubby bill, less white on the face.  Though I've alwyas had trouble plucking out Cacklers.  You'd think that since I can tell Yellow Warbler songs fro Chestnut-sied sons, that I'd be able to ID a small goose!



-Brian Webster-

Sttatford, CT

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