[CT Birds] Stratford BE, Milford crows

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 17 10:50:00 EST 2010

1/17, Housatonic River as viewed from the River Rd (Rt-110) in Stratford (9:25a)-


(1) adult Bald Eagle




Also at my home feeders/yard in Stratford I had 4 male RW Blackbirds, 3 Bluebirds flying over (glad I learned the call, Charlie), a male Towhee, 2 Northern Flickers, 7 Tree Sparrows, and an adult Sharp-shinned hawk among the usual visitors.





Also of note, there was a very large 'murder' of crows in Milford, in the neighborhood sectioned off by Rt-1 and North St this morning around 9:45a.  At least 200 Americans around and in the trees in the area of the homes (many costing a few homeowners their hard earned by devouring all bird seed in sight), and around 40 Fish flying and landing on billboards and dumpsters closer to the Post Rd.


I may have brought this up before, since my father used to live right there on Locust St., but every morning and evening several hundred crows, of both species, seem to be leaving/going to a roost.  Has anyone else noticed this, or know where they may be coming from??  It is not in that neighborhood, because I've seen them coming in rather far from the east.  My main reason for asking is that I am wondering if Fish and American crows roost together.



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

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