[CT Birds] Waterford leucistic TV

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 19 19:37:32 EST 2010

Thanks to a tip from a former student, Aaron Attwater, I saw a leucistic Turkey Vultere at the corner of Route 1 (Rope Ferry Road) and Great Neck Road this afternoon.  I didn't realize that vultures were roosting there, probably 20 or more, no Blacks that I could see but it was raining and the binocs were fogging up.  They were in the tall pines on the NW corner of the intersection.

The leucistic bird was almost pure white.  The eye was dark and there were very faint streaks on the breast, which could have been shadow or dampness.  I could not see either the front or black of the tail.  This is a different bird from the one seen at the Quaker Hill roost a few years ago,  That bird looked like it had been the victim of a guano attack from above.  I would love to see this one in flight.

I was unable to refind Erik Larson's Barrow's Goldeneyes in  Stonington late this afternoon.

Glenn Williams


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