[CT Birds] Sand Hill Crane still present Tues Afternoon

mntncougar at aol.com mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Jan 19 20:26:48 EST 2010

After seeing the posts this morning I left (in the falling snow  grrrr) for 
Durham. Arrived about 12:45 and immediately found a couple of people  on 
the bird.  It was standing on a little hill in the middle of a  cornfield, 
perfectly teed up on top, and stayed in that spot for more than an  hour.  
Eventually it walked down to the edge of the corn rows at the bottom  left of 
the hill and browsed for a while, finally heading back up to the top of  the 
hill.  It was still there when I left around 3 pm.  
While there, 3 local birders stopped by, (Mattabassett Audubon)  and all 
three told us that the bird has been there for a month.  For a  while it was 
apparently mis-id'd as a Great Blue Heron, but nothing was ever  sent out.  
They say that at times it calls loudly and fairly often, but it  never made a 
sound while I was there.  In any case, it seems likely that it  may stay a 
while longer, so if you need it for your January list, now's your  chance. 
(In my case, a life bird).  I would like to see it in better  weather (sun 
and no rain).  it's a gorgeous bird and well worth the  trip.
I managed some pictures and a couple of videos of the  bird.  Video links:

Photo album:
I got there by Following Rt 17 to Maiden Lane (east side of 17)  and, past 
2 stop signs, took the next right onto Johnson Lane.   The bird was  in a 
corn field on the left, perhaps half a mile from Maiden  Ln.  It's a field 
bordered by trees with a big mound at the  back.  The bird seems to use the 
mound as his perch and look-out.  It  goes walking occasionally but always 
seems to end up back there.  
Don Morgan

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