[CT Birds] Vibert Road

Robert Mirer D.D.S. robert.m.mirer at snet.net
Thu Jan 21 15:06:17 EST 2010

Thursday morning along Vibert Road in South Windsor:

2 Red-tailed Hawks (a pair, I assume) very close to the GHO nest at Newberry Brook. Looks like the hawks will be sub-letting the nest from the GHOs (I'm guessing that GHOs nest wherever they want, so they have chosen their alternate site, though I could not find it today). 
Male Am Kestrel continues in the area. It allowed a very close approach by car. Of course, I did not have my camera. You know the rule: no binoculars attract, cameras repel.
At the boat launch, a flock of Grackles took off as I fussed with getting my scope out of the car. I figured I disturbed them, but I looked up again and our old friend Perry Grin soared low over the trees after them. They returned a minute later, but I couldn't tell if one was missing. 
Lots of songbirds in the roadside shrubbery, with at least 2 Tree Sparrows. 
Nice day to be out. 
The snowdrops in my yard broke through the ground today.

Rob Mirer 
South Windsor

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