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It's getting closer.............

Alex Burdo

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> Subject: [MASSBIRD] Ivory Gull in Mass. and RI
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> Geoff Dennis discovered an adult IVORY GULL at Quicksand Pond in  
> Little
> Compton, RI late this afternoon near sunset.  This is most certainly  
> the Ivory
> Gull that was reported from Richmond Pond in Westport this morning.  
> The gull
> spent much of its time on the Massachusetts side of the pond, as it  
> waited
> for a Great Black-backed Gull to finish eating a dead duck.   
> Occasionally,
> the Ivory Gull would fly up and over the ice into Rhode Island.  The  
> Great
> Black-backed Gull finallly became satiated and flew off - the Ivory  
> Gull
> then pounced on the remains of the duck and fed for several  
> minutes.   At
> sunset, the Ivory Gull flew off to roost with the local gulls, all  
> flying to
> the south west and out of viewing distance.
> The entire time that the gull was visible( except for flying to  
> roost) it
> was located about one quarter to a third up along the east side
> (Massachusetts side) of the pond. It is all private property along  
> both the
> east and west sides of the Quicksand, so the best spot to see it  
> will be the
> coastline and southern shoreline of Quicksand Pond  (or, Goosewing  
> Beach).
> There is ample parking at Little Compton Shouth Shore Beach. From the
> parking lot, walk east until you see the breach marks for Quicksand  
> Pond.
> Geoff also saw an AMERICAN BITTERN and  SHORT-EARED OWL this evening  
> at the
> pond.
> I'll try to get the photos posted later this evening.
> Rachel Farrell
> Rumford, RI
> pollypie AT att.net

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