[CT Birds] Out of State

Larson Eric eric_r_larson at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 25 19:07:30 EST 2010

Yesterday met up with my sweetheart and marched down Moonstone beach (RI) to Trustom Pond.  At the end of the access road we saw two juvenile Northen Harriers patrolling the marsh, and a flock of Great Blue Heron (8 in all) looking for a landing spot.  Trustom Pond looked like the bar scene from Star Wars.  The open water was probably only 50 yards by 1,000, but what a collection.  Judy brought her scope, and thank goodness for that.  When we set it on the open water you could enjoy seeing the birds paddle by.  A knowlegeable birder joined us (and I've forgotten his name), and we saw - Gadwells, Goldeneyes, Black Ducks, Great Blue Herons, Greater Scaups (Couldn't have told the difference but the experienced birder looked through the scope and from the head shape, declared it so), Mallards, Mute Swans, Hooded Mergansers, Canada Geese (looked small amongst the Mute Swans).  At the Charlestown Breachway, we watched a female Common Loon paddle against the tide, then bring up a tasty crab. The male paddled over, but she crunched and gulped it down before he could join her. If you have time and the inclination, get over to RI and enjoy the show.


My daughter is doing field work in Costa Rica, and has posted a few videos of hummingbirds, up in Monteverde (http://www.youtube.com/user/ernlarson#p/u/6/RzqdVkGFFi8 .  She's seen 11 of 50 some species of hummers that ply those parts, and I thing I've got her converted to birding.   Or not.  



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