[CT Birds] CT Dovekie

wingsct at juno.com wingsct at juno.com
Tue Jan 26 10:38:28 EST 2010

Just received a Dovekie into rehabilitation.  Apparently a consequence of yesterday's storm
and strong winds.  It was found by a dog in New Canaan near Pound Ridge.

First time I've ever seen one - so tiny.  
Sorry, it's not countable for the Big January.
Be on the alert for any other birds that may have been blown inland and along the coast.
If you do find one, place it in a secure, escape-proof container - cardboard box is o.k.
and contact a wildlife rehabilitator, such as Jayne Amico in Southington, Wildlife in
Crisis in Weston, or me in Old Greenwich.

Meredith Sampson
Director, WILD WINGS, INC.
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Environmental Education
Old Greenwich

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