[CT Birds] Harlequin Duck-Florida

Sailcarm at aol.com Sailcarm at aol.com
Tue Jan 26 17:30:34 EST 2010

Tuesday, Jan. 26 from Vero Beach, Florida
Would you believe I had a f. or imm. Harlequin Duck today in Sebastian,  
Florida, north of Vero Beach in Sebastian Inlet SP!  Surreal!  You  could have 
knocked me over with a tern feather, speaking of which  I had 5 species: 
Caspian, Royal, Sandwich, Forster's, and Black  Skimmers.
Great spot!  Sorry for the intrusion of a FL item on the CT list,  but 
couldn't resist, as Harlequins seem to be v in vogue at the  moment.  Getting 
the park officials to accompany me, to believe me,  and to help me document 
this is another long, long story which I will tell my  birding friends about 
at another more appropriate time.  Remind me to NEVER  take the CT birding 
community for granted.
Carolyn Cimino
Waterford, CT

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