[CT Birds] Southport Survey #214 plus other things

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Jan 27 14:56:52 EST 2010

Southport Survey # 214
The water had small waves and the sky clear. Off shore things were  
slow. 1 flock of Goldeneyes, 1 flock of Long-tailed Ducks and flock  
of Red-breasted Mergansers. The only flying bird was a White-winged  

The Golf Course ponds were open at the outflow and contained 2 of the  
swans. The harbor was completely open yet there was still 1 Common  
Merganser hanging out with the Hooded Mergansers. The Coot and Great  
Blue Heron were missing again. It was surprising that there were no  
Black Ducks, considering there so many 2 weeks ago. The Gadwall and  
Wigeon were in the spartina at the mouth of Sasco Creek.

Dennis Varza

DATE	1/10	1/14	1/21	1/27
Tide	High	High	Low 	High
Time	8:15	8:10	8:00	7:45

Brant	0_26_62_80
Canada Goose	350_310_180_45
Mute Swan	4_7_7_4
American Wigeon	0_0_0_8
Gadwall	4_9_4_6
American Black Duck	6_144_24_0
Mallard	65_47_24_32
Long-tailed Duck	2_14_57_25
Bufflehead	10_33_24_6
Common Goldeneye	16_5_206_55
Hooded Merganser	39_36_26_21
Common Merganser	0_0_3_1
Red-breasted Merganser	21_46_34_14
Red-throated Loon	2_4_2_1
Common Loon	1_3_3_1
Horned Grebe	3_13_5_4
Great Cormorant	0_1_1_4
Great Blue Heron   	0_0_1_0
American Coot	0_1_1_0
Bonaparte’s Gull	0_0_2_0
Lesser Black-backed Gull	0_0_1_0
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	91_61_128_73
Ring-billed Gull Im.	2_0_1_1
Herring Gull Ad.   	106_97_117_85
Herring Gull Im.    	13_6_7_9
Great Black-backed Gull Ad.	5_2_10_5

Considering the open harbor, I decided to take a look around at other  
bodies of water. At Oak Lawn Cemetery the river was open and the pond  
next to it was part open. The river had 30 Mallards and the pond 50  
Canada Goose, 10 Gadwall, 2 Green-winged Teal.

Over At Hemlock Reservoir, the lower quarter by the dam was open with  
a pair of Common Mergansers there. At Aspetuck Reservoir it was half  
open in patches and with plenty of ducks. Also there was a pair of  
Bald Eagles in a dead tree at the dam, and a Red-shouldered Hawk in  
the area as well. Also, a pair of Black Vultures by the Town Hall.
Canada Goose	44
Mute Swan	4
American Black Duck	2
Mallard	4
Ring-necked Duck	80
Hooded Merganser	16

I also checked out a new site called Sherwood Millpond off Mill Hill  
Terr. Fairfield
I had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet (crown and all) and a Red-shouldered  
Hawk there.

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