[CT Birds] On This Date (1/28)

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Jan 28 06:35:53 EST 2010

1886	Red-necked Grebe	Mansfield
1946	36 Redhead	Easton, Aspetuck Reservoir
1990	Pine Warbler New Canaan
1995	5000 Greater Scaup	West Haven

Another Slow Day

I just want to highlight a comment from Greg's comment on Spotted  

"As is unfortunately often the case, a few older reports of Spotted  
Towhees, from the time when they were not considered a full species,  
are lacking in details."

Often, interest in a particular "group of birds" waxes and wanes  
wether it is a species or not. Even if a group is not a specie yet  
the identification is fairly obvious,  it should be noted. Groups  
that are that different  and not a matter of gradation are likely  
significantly different in terms of population dynamics. So treating  
them as species provides more information. Also, There may be more  
splits in the future and you will have a leg up. Obvious ones off the  
top of my head include Ipswich Sparrow, Eurasian Teal, western and  
Yellow Palm warbler. Once you have seen every thing that there is to  
see, you can try your hand at the different Fox Sparrows, Juncos and  
Horned Larks.

I once had a cartoon
Two guys sitting on a park bench with a group of pigeons feeding in  
from of them. The first man says "I am the greatest Ornithologist in  
the world, I can name every every bird in the world". Man two say "Oh  
yah, name that bird pointing to one of the pigeons". Man one says  

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