[CT Birds] Blackbirds

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Thu Jan 28 13:18:27 EST 2010

Here in Somers, last Friday and Saturday morning while heading out early to 
bird I had HUGE mixed flocks of red-wings, cowbirds, and grackles.  I 
estimated well over 1000 birds each day.  They were coming into Somers from 
the south in a steady stream lasting a good 5 minutes and landing in the 
corn fields on Hutton Rd. where the 100+ Horned Larks were also present. 
Pretty impressive flock.
I did notice though they were not vocalizing as much as in the fall but the 
beat of their wings when they were put up by the local Coopers Hawk was 
pretty loud as they were right over my vehicle and the flash of the red in 
the wings equally impressive.

Jan in Somers 

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