[CT Birds] Leucistic Female Cardinal

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 28 22:58:30 EST 2010

1.28.10 Clinton yard. today the leucistic female cardinal returned. she has been around for almost three

years and have been unable to get a photo, she is very cautious and it seems she is somewhat independent.

she always arrives well after all the other m/f cardinals and departs before the others, today about 15.

the cardinals are here pretty much year round. I don't know if they are the same ones or not. but she may

be around for a week or two and then disappear for a couple of weeks and then come back and will be gone

for a couple months and return.next to the other cardinals she really is light and with such a stark contrast

she really stands out. will try harder to get some pic's. I am just thrilled to see her again. I worry that her

paleness makes her more prone to predation. also today in yard :


fox sparrows continue ( almost 2 weeks )

american tree sparrows  ( 2 )

male eastern towhee

lots of white throated sparrows

male northern flicker

red bellied wp

downy wp (5)

carolina wrens (2)

juncos (5)

am. goldfinch (20+)

wb nuthatch (2)

titmouse (5)

chickadees (4)

blue jays  (5+)

sharp shinned hawk 




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