[CT Birds] Juvenile Gos and other Stratford birds

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 29 09:35:03 EST 2010

1/29, Peck's Mill Pond/Housatonic River Access-


(1) Bald Eagle (appeared to be a 3 year old)

(2) Great Cormorants

(1) juv. Northern Goshawk (hunting blackbirds in the marshes at Peck's)

(3) Bufflehead (Peck's)

(1) Belted Kingfisher




The woods between Peck's Mill Pond go up to Mill River Golf Course, and I first noticed a large accip. flying towards the river through peaks between trees.  It landed in a dead tree along the pond and was intensely watching seeral Red-wing Blackbirds moving about in the reeds of the pond.  It dove down, for an unsucessful strike, then flew off over the river towards Milford.


Field marks that bring me to Gos were the sheer size, large bulky chest, overall buffy/tannish underpart coloring vs. the lighter/more white of a Coop (Sharpie not even in the equation), longer 'fingers' than a Coop, thin tail bands with showing the 'chevrons'/un-even edge when tail fanned, and VERY strong and stiff wingbeats.


Though, at least for me, the field mark that (should) clinch it was the speckling on the back, which, when in flight, created a faint/buffy-ish 'bar' on each wing.  I should say 'probable', because I am about 92% sure.  It would've had to be a huge Coop who just had a huge meal.


(Thanks to the Boothe Hawkwatch folks for teaching me what to look for!!  My first Gos at Hammo a few years back was a sure thing.. this one was tougher)




Also at my home feeders were a single pair of Flickers, Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers, 3 Tree Sparrows, and the single male Towhee continues.  No Field sparrow yet.




Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

b.webster at hotmail.com

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