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Fri Jan 29 21:56:54 EST 2010

Dear All,

So the Big January is finally heading towards its concludingweekend. This probably almost comes as a relief for those of you that have beenbraving brutal temperatures, long mad dash drives and the disappointment of theinevitable dips. It seems like there have been lots of birds out there to betracked down so I am looking forward to seeing the results. 
Anyway, onto the compilation – please read the followingcarefully:  as the cut off point for theBig January is Sunday at 11:59pm I think that it is sensible to give everyone acouple of days to get their lists in order and send them over to me. Itherefore am setting the deadline for submission of your lists as 10.00pm onTuesday February 2nd. I will then immediately (or thereabouts) post thenames of people I have received lists from (just so people can query a missinglist – in previous years one ended up in my junk mail box by mistake). I willpost the winners and their lists on my blog the following evening (I’ll notifythe listserve once it is up). To qualify for the big January you need to havereached at least 90 species in total. All birds need to either have been seenon publicly accessible property or on your own property. 
This year I am requesting that all lists be sent to me inPDF FORMAT as it takes a substantial amount of time to convert the documents ifI have to do 20-25 of them. If you do not have a PDF converter you can produce aPDF document online at http://www.pdfonline.com/convert-pdf/ Using the ‘browse’ button choose the filethat you wish to convert, enter your email address and hit the ‘convert to PDF’button. The PDF will be mailed to that address (from the email it is easiest toright click the document using the mouse and save the document to your desktop).
If you would like to send any of your pictures along of the birdsyou’ve been seeing over the month that would be great. I'll obviously credityou on any of  the shots used.  
I will post a reminder for all of this on Monday morning. Pleasesend lists to my gmail account (it makes them easier to keep track of): luke.tiller at gmail.com
Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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