[CT Birds] Stop! Hey! - what's that sound?

Julie Keefer julie.keefer at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 11:32:15 EST 2010

I have also heard the titmice singing.  I have also heard the chickadees
starting to sing this week also.  And this morning as I was refilling the
thistle sock, I heard a noise that finally registered as the goldfinch call
note, many of them talking to each other, which I haven't really heard in
awhile.  It might not look or feel like spring yet, but hopefully it won't
be long!  I also heard a Carolina Wren singing, but that isn't really a sign
of spring because they sing all the time!

Julie Keefer

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Everybody look what's going down!  For what its worth,  when I got up the 
courage to go out in the 15* weather to clean my car off I  heard a familiar

sound, but it took a second to register.  Several birds  calling and 
answering.  Something's happening here!  My  Titmice!!  Calling back in
forth in 
between trips to my feeder platform to  steal peanuts and BOSS.  First time 
since last fall I had heard them.   I actually heard them several times
the day today.  A little  reminder that spring can't be that far away!
Don Morgan

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