[CT Birds] Woodpeckers calling

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 31 09:32:42 EST 2010

I felt the....  warmth???...  of Spring today also.  The 4 main woodpecker species have been coming in pairs recently (Hairy, Downy, Red-bellied, and Flicker), and the male Red-belly calls like crazy from atop a tree when the female is eating suet.


In the last week or so, I've heard the song(s) of Chickadees, Titmice, Cardinals, Robins, White-throats (duh), Carolina Wrens (another duh), Song sparrows, and Junco.


The Junco was awesome to see sing.  I recall about this time (maybe further into feb) last year when a single male would perch very low in a bush and sing his little twittle.




Ahhh....  I can almost picture the warblers.....   (the CT birder says in 17F weather!)



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

b.webster at hotmail.com




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> It IS spring -- my red-bellied woodpeckers are making their eerie, warm-weather calls to each other. Come back to the nest!
> Sarah Faulkner
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