[CT Birds] Mystic feeder

Larson Eric eric_r_larson at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 31 18:27:02 EST 2010

Spent a morning watching the feeder (a few hundred yards off of the Sound on an isolated cove).  Juncos, cardinals, white-throated sparrows, a resident pair of downy wood peckers (or two pairs, two males were at the suet block at the same time).  I was mystified by a non-descript grey bird last week that kept returning to the feeder.  Black tail, grey back, black eyes, and grey belly. Non-descript.  Pored over Sibleys, and came up blank,  And not a little frustrated.


Today I caught a glimpse of it just as I came up the drive, then it flickered off.  It was back at the feeder this morning, with a mate, a brown-headed cowbird. Parasites, they usurp nests, and settle in. 


Crap, I've been playing host to a parasitic pair.  But I guess that's the way of the world.  Much as I'd like to withold food from them, that'll deprive many other birds I'm glad to see this time of year.  I hope some raptors will gain nutrition from the presence of the cowbirds, before they do much damage.


A Conflicted feeder

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