[CT Birds] Hawks - W Hartford

Bissell, T. (Tracey) Tracey.Bissell at us.ing.com
Mon Feb 1 08:53:06 EST 2010

1/31/10 - it was Hawk day in W Hartford.  

Coopers Hawk - perched above the yard for almost 3 hours.  No movement,
after about 2 hours the smaller birds became brave and went back to the
feeders.  He must have been well fed.  He had a very clear black cap -
looking like he had a buzz cut.

Red Tail - perched on a 5 foot high stump that has lots of vines hiding
him.  He was large with a vey white upper breast and the belly band was
not strong.  We had to leave but I hope he was able to reduce the
squirrel population.

We also had a very brave White Breasted Nuthatch - he was very active in
the tree just above the Coopers Hawk

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