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we've gotten into this discussion before but is there an UPDATED list some place for wildlife rehabbers - and not just for birds, but for any wild animal? I know the DEP is in a terrible situation but their list is far from updated and when there is a crisis, time IS of the essence. Too many times I've run into problems and either nobody responded or called back when it was too late. I know folks are terribly overwhelmed especially during peak seasons and we really need more people and I wish I could be one of them... still hoping to take the necessary course if anything for my own information... I bow down to those doing this full time... I couldn't imagine the demand for help. It would be really helpful if there was an updated list posted online that is periodically checked to make sure all listed are still doing the work - too many I called at one time were no longer doing rehab work. Burn out is a major problem I am sure... 

Donna Lorello 

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CT Birders - 

I have been receiving inquiries on what to do if a bird needs assistance. The basic rule of thumb is ---- if it is a songbird using a towel and gloves gently pick up the bird immediately ( do NOT leave it outside while trying to locate a rehabber) and place it in a shoebox( the smaller the better, to hold still injured birds) lined only with a towel and place a secure ventilated lid on it and place the bird in a safe,warm, quiet place. Once the bird is safely contained then you can proceed to locating a rehabilitator. 

Luckily for us CT is a small state because songbird rehabilitators are hard to come by and you may need to travel away from your town. In most cases the rescuer is the person responsible for transport, mostly for the simple reason that the rehabilitator during the busy season would spend all day picking up birds and not be able to care for them. In cases where the rescuer is unable to provide transport, we do our best to arrange for someone to come and get the bird. It is not always possible though in a timely manner and that is most important when dealing with birds who weigh in grams! 

My suggestion to anyone who has a bird that needs rehabilitation is to go to my web site at www.mvssanctuary.org. The home page(about us) gives instruction on types of birds we handle and also how, and when to rescue or recognize a bird in trouble. If it is not a bird we handle or is on a day we do not accept birds for rehabilitation there is a link that will take you to the DEP' directory of state rehabilitator's by town and species handled by them. 

Never leave emails about orphaned, injured, sick birds, always call and leave a message, as email is not checked regularly. Messages are checked throughout the day. I will always make every attempt to get the bird assistance so please call if you need help even if it is not something I handle, most likely I know who does. 860-276-8433 

I hope this answers everyone's questions. 

Jayne Amico 
Southington, CT 

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