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Mon Feb 1 11:52:21 EST 2010

CT birders -

 Laurie Fortin, the DEP wildlife biologist who manages the DEP website does do her best to keep it updated. This is a complete list of all Wildlife rehabilitators and all the wildlife that can be rehabilitated in CT.  This is the link on my web site. Believe it or not there are actually close to 300 of us in CT, but many do it on a very, very small basis. Laurie repeatedly asks us to keep in contact as to who is available and what we are accepting throughout the busy season, and she does her best to keep the web site updated as the information is given to her.

While President of Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association I continually asked people to please have an answering machine and leave informative outgoing messages as to the status of your volunteer work(accepting or not and what) to assist with the problem of people calling all over the state and not reaching anyone. Unfortunately the people who did attend the  CWRA meetings were not the problem and so it continues.

I will speak with Laurie on this matter and see if we can mail this request to her list and see if that helps at all.

As I said earlier whether it is a skunk, deer or bird I most likely know who to contact so feel free to ask. There many good rehabilitators that are not listed at all as they do not want to be overwhelmed but I have contact information for them.


Jayne Amico
Southington, CT

---- sunny19682 at comcast.net wrote: 
> we've gotten into this discussion before but is there an UPDATED list some place for wildlife rehabberstimely manner and that is most important when dealing with birds who weigh in grams! 
> My suggestion to anyone who has a bird that needs rehabilitation is to go to my web site at www.mvssanctuary.org. 

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