[CT Birds] On This Date (2/2)

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Mon Feb 1 21:19:15 EST 2010

1889	Eastern Screech Owl	East Hartford
1948	Loggerhead Shrike	Rocly Hill
1952	American Bittern	Waterford
1952	Thick-billed Murre	Clinton (found dead)
1956	Dickcissel	Guilford
1985	Band-tailed Pigeon Portland (to end of month)
1989	Harlequin Duck	New London, Thames River (to end of month)
1989	Barrow's Goldeneye	Enfield (to end of month)
1987	Boreal Chickadee	Killingworht
1987	Tundra Swan	Oxford
1992	Barnacle Goose	Southbury
1995	Eastern Phoebe	Redding

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