[CT Birds] Rusty Blackbirds

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 3 12:11:46 EST 2010

>From Greg Hanisek
2/3 New Haven, Edgewood Park - 70 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS
Waterbury, Platts Mill - female N. PINTAIL on Naugatuck R., found by Ron Pelletier
The Rusties were in the corner of the park accessed from Whalley & West Rock avenues. They were perched in the trees between the park property and Whalley and then flew across the open area to the trees along the stream. While perched the number seemed about half of what it turned out to be when they flew across the opening. This month eBird is conducting a nationwide census of Rusty Blackbirds, a species of special concern because of an unexplained population decline. If you check these birds out in February, or encounter Rusties anywhere else, take a few minutes to enter your sighting into eBird.

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