[CT Birds] An amazing CBC

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Feb 3 23:47:12 EST 2010

Hi Folks

I was going through the Christmas Bird Counts for Dec. 1947 and ran  
across this one.
Look at the conditions they went through!
I have been on some rough counts, but I would have stayed home on  
this one

Note, This was before the days of the count circle. People just went  
out and birded.

47.	Saybrook, Conn.	Dec. 26 1947
(Long Island Sound from Hammonsset Beach to Lyme, and north along the  
Connecticut River to Hadlme; shore 40% marsh 30%, river 20%, mixed  

  7:30 am to 2:00 pm Snowfall of 12 in with 3 in. on the ground at start

temp 20° to 28°; coves, inlets and marshes frozen, with very hight  
tides washing over marsh ice;

wind 28 to 38 mph; visibility 30 to 600 ft, average 300 ft.

Three observers together except for 1 hr. Total hours 7 1/2; total  
miles 36 (30 by car 6 on foot)

(Over 15000 ducks were in the area 2 weeks before and were presumably  
still present; 34 species were found in 1 hour at Saybrook Pt. on Jan  
1. Count was halted at 2 PM as roads became impassible and visibility  
less than 60ft. )
Irston R. Barnes, Henry C. Bunting, Frank P. Matthews

23 Species 729 individuals
American Black Duck	41
Greater Scaup	70
White-winged Scoter	1
Common Goldeneye	4
Common Merganser	20
Red-breasted Merganser	2
Red-throated Loon	2
Horned Grebe	2
Ring-billed Gull	20
Herring Gul	58
Great Black-backed Gull	4
Blue Jay	3
American Crow	4
White-breasted Nuthatch	1
Eastern Bluebird	5
European Starling	414
Tree Sparrow	31
Song Sparrow	22
White-throated Sparrow	4
Dark-eyed Junco	8
Eastern Meadowlark	10
House Sparrow	2

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