[CT Birds] Stratford, Housatonic River Access (Rt-110)-

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 4 08:47:38 EST 2010

2/4, Housatonic River Access (Rt-110), Stratford-



(5) Bufflehead

(3) Common Mergansers

(3) Double-crested Cormorant

)1) Great Cormorant (man their necks/heads are bulky compared to DCs!!)

(1) Great Blue Heron

(1) Bleted Kingfisher

(1) Peregrine Falcon

(+/-200) Canada geese

(1) Snow Goose (blue morph) in with Canadas.



The geese were hugging the Stratford side of the river, and as I small group lazily listed by, a nice looking 'blue' Goose was with them.


Zero eagles, or any raptors other than the Peregrine who likes to hunt the factories across the river.  I was hoping the recent freeze would've brought a few down to 'my' eagle spot, but no such luck.  (I guess I used it up on snagging that BE on the last day of the S/M CBC!)




Peck's Mill Pond was about 3% open, a huge difference from last week when it was almost totally open and filled with Hoodies, Blacks, Mallards and a few Woodies.  Today, 4 Mallards had trouble navigating through icey mud.




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Stratford, CT

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