[CT Birds] Grackle and Rusty

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 4 10:43:25 EST 2010

Yesterday, Wed, we saw in Norfolk up in a tree, 1 PURPLE GRACKLE, and 1 RUSTY BLACKBIRD.
 These 2 blackbirds are not seen up here in northwestern CT in early Feb that often. And what surprises me is seeing only one of each. Still much snow on the ground usually means no Blackbirds to be found here yet.

Of note: It is also noticeable up here of much movement by Ravens and Im Bald Eagles being encountered. I suspect the Eagles are moving about looking for open feeding areas they can use alone, and the Ravens I believe are just another indication of their continual successful breeding and population expansions into new areas, esp to the south of here. Also, this winter so far hasn't produced any winter finches here in NW CT so far. In fact traveling about seems to produce little if anything in bird life. Oh well, birds will be moving north shortly and should brighten up a birders day soon enough.

Paul Carrier, Judy Case

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