[CT Birds] duck identification

weatherwizard at comcast.net weatherwizard at comcast.net
Fri Feb 5 07:39:49 EST 2010

WOW I was just working in my office and a duck splashed down in the river, it was the merganser. I got the field glasses out, and was following him down the river watching her dive. Then from under the water appears a duck I have never seen before. It had an all black head that went instantly to all white at the bottom of the neck. The duck had an all white breast, mostly white wings, but black within the white on the wings. It wasn't a gull, it was a duck, never saw one before, and could not find in the bird book, any ideas? 

I see all kinds of stuff here, but unfortunately when it comes to waterfowl, I am very weak at identifying them. I never saw a duck like this beofre. 

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