[CT Birds] forgot to add

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Fri Feb 5 08:24:10 EST 2010

I was cordially reminded to add my name, and town to my postings. I am Russ, and am in Deep River right on the Chester line, in fact part of the property is in Chester. This place is a waterfowl haven, unfortunately I have only been in this house a short time, and my waterfowl experience is very limited. The spring here brings the elewives in to breed, and my understanding is, the fish from the CT River/Long Island Sound come flocking in here to feast. I was told there are so many here that the water literally boils. I'm sure that will bring in a lot of fisheating birds as well, maybe someone has some experience with this, and can help me to determine what birds I may expect? I already have 2 kingfishers, and I know where all their perches are, basically branches that hang over the river, and I know all the great blue heron perches as well. I watched a Cormorant grab a johny roach about 20 feet away from me. Really a nice place for watching and since my office overlooks the waterfalls, I am alerted by movement all day, so often don't miss much.

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