[CT Birds] Stratford birding 2/4

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 5 09:54:46 EST 2010

2/4, Stratford birding at various locations-   The only things I can add to Frank's very complete list, is a Light-morph adult Rough-leg in the trees across the road, then across the second part of the Access Rd pool.  Fifteen or so Canvasback or so at Frash, 2 Harriers including a Gray Ghost at Long Beach, a peregrine at Birdseye, and 6 sparrow species on the Rail Road trail at Great Meadows... Song, Swamp, Savannah (including Ipswich), White-throats, American Tree, and a single Fox at the start of the trail.  4 Red-tail hawks total from all locations.  (BTW... Thanks Frank!  I was hoping the Towhees would go to the new spot behind the dumpsters but hadn't seen them other than the tree feeder.)   -Brian Webster- 
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