[CT Birds] Fw: Wild Kingdom in my yard

Donna sunny19682 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 6 14:55:27 EST 2010

Fellow birders...

After hearing the commotion of two Red-shouldered Hawks squawking assuming there was a third one and they were fighting for mating rights, I caught some video of two of the birds angrily pursuing something on the ground below.  I had no idea what it was they had pinned down - stray cat, squirrel, a third RS, or something else - until after they vacated the area.  I went out to see if there was an injured critter left behind and believe it or not they apparently had pinned down the Barred Owl that's been hanging out in my area.  It took off like a bat and I was unable to get any subsequent video as it flew off into the distance through the woods.  I'm hoping it is ok - I love my raptors but would hate to think the owl was injured during the assault.  I knew hawks and owls don't like each other but this was unbelievable to witness and worse now knowing it was indeed the owl that was the subject of their attention.  I loaded three clips of the two hawks... I apologize for quality - these are far from professional but document the vocalizations nicely - and I do apologize for the background voices of mom, myself, my parakeets and Pierre the parrot.


I've alerted one of my birdwatching neighbors to keep an ear and eye out for the owl in the event it is hurt.  There is a rehabber in town, but should she be unavailable, are there any suggestions on whom I can call or what I should look for if the owl returns and comes close enough for viewing?

Donna Lorello

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