[CT Birds] Glaucous Gull

John M. Oshlick joshlic at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 9 17:08:08 EST 2010

West Haven Boat Ramp (near sandy point) - I went to the boat ramp today to look
for the iceland gull that I saw the other day. When I arrived I saw a first year
glaucous. For a moment it made be second guess the ID of the iceland I saw the
other day but in both cases the birds were seen at close range and I am sure that there are two white winged gulls in the area. I looked hard for the iceland but
did not find it today. 

There are a lot of gulls in the area and I think that I know why. In the 30 min 
that I was there today three people came and fed the gulls. 

John Oshlick 

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