[CT Birds] Stratford birding in the snow

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 10 17:30:40 EST 2010

2/10, Stratford yard (various times throughout the day)


(2) male Eastern Towhees (all day... and for over a month now)

(2) Flicker (pair)

(1) adult Cooper's Hawk



At least 75 White-throat sparrows at/under/around the feeders and in the direct wood edges.  High count of 8 Tree Sparrows.  Not too many Juncos, but I had 3 males that were pitch black.  Very nice contrast with the snow.



2/10, Peck's Mill Pond, Stratford (noon-ish)-


(2) Wood ducks (pair...in the stream in the far west end of the woods. The spot is only clearly visible by hiking to the very back)

(20) Black Duck

(15) Mallard

(2) Hooded Mergansers (pair)

(1) Northern Pintail (female)


There was a nice open stream running from the brook in the back (where the wood ducks were, and sometimes are) almost to the midle of the pond.  It also opened up some muddy/marshy spots where many Black ducks and the female Pintail were hiding.



2/10, Roosevelt Forest, Stratford (2:30p)-


(1) Ruby-crowned Kinglet in a group of titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, etc.

(1) Brown Creeper...  in the same group

(1) Fox Sparrow

(7) Cedar Waxwings

(1) Red-breasted Nuthatch among about 8 WBs



The Fox sparrow was in the tree next to the gate blocking off the road to the Boy Scout camp are (when looking at the gate with the pond behind you, the tree on the right).  I had a Fox sparrow here earlier in the season in December also.  The Waxwings were in the same area as the Fox Sparrow.  Also in that group were about a dozen robins gorging on various berries (I think the berry of choice was Poison Ivy).  This whole scenerio is just about exactly the same as it waas when I had the Fox in December.  Waxwings and Robins in the trees/thickets eating berries, and a Fox sparrow staying pretty high in the trees.  Higher than I usually see them.




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Stratford, CT

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