[CT Birds] Harlequin at Mill Pond in Farmington

Judith E. Stevens judithestevens at charter.net
Sat Feb 13 05:42:37 EST 2010

The owners and staff of Grist Mill Restaurant from which I've sat and
enjoyed lunch told us that they had noticed the harlequin for a couple of
weeks prior to the first posting.  Everyone at GM enjoys the
attention the duck is getting, and appreciate those of us who have been
"paying" for our front row restaurant seat and a delicious meal. 
I've noticed that since my last sighting, the juv. male is much darker and
is starting to have the beautiful rusty flanks of a breeding male.  He enjoys
all the handouts and heads towards the shore at 'feeding' time.  Scraps
of veggies and bread thrown in yesterday were easily nabbed by the geese
and mallards and our "Harry" (nicknamed by the owner) was only able to
snag a small piece of bread.  I watched him hurry off and try to consume it
before an aggressive female mallard chased him.  I've thanked the owners
several times for their hospitality but they would very much appreciate more
birders as clients.  Food is great, and the ambiance outstanding.  No, I'm not
paid to promote GM, just appreciative.....Judith in Southbury

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