[CT Birds] no feeding waterfowl?

Donna sunny19682 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 13 09:48:18 EST 2010

I'm curious... why is feeding waterfowl discouraged if people are willing to feed them the right foods and not breads?  I could understand if it's private property, but is this the deal even for public places?  It was a common practice when I was a child... one of the ways that got me really interested in birds was going to the New Haven Green to feed the pigeons and locally to feed ducks.  I've gone numerous times to the local supply ponds and gently educated folks who were with their kids feeding bread to ducks.  If approached nicely, they do understand the harm bread causes the birds.

I'd be interested in the reasoning behind this if there is a problem.  I mean if it's ok for folks all over to feed yard birds, what makes waterfowl any different if the right foods are offered?  Not trying to whack a hornets nest - just curious as to why the practice is discouraged - or is it just because of this particular location being private property or business property?  Besides, if the right foods are offered, why not set up little dispensers with "duck chow" at public places?  It would make some money for local municipalities while allowing the birds to be fed the "right stuff" and for people to enjoy an old practice with their kids.

Donna Lorello

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