[CT Birds] How can people help birds.

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Um I appreciate the link and without starting a war... this stamp's sale as 
the website says "serves as a hunting license."  I'm sorry but I have to ask 
now what difference it makes in feeding waterfowl proper foods if ducks are 
going to die anyway at the hands of a hunter's bullet?  It's a double-edged 
blade if you ask me... I don't condone hunting as too many don't do it 
right... my dad was a hunter... glad he's not around now or I'd definitely 
have ulcers.

Sorry but this isn't a program I'll be supporting.  There has to be 
something better that truly embraces the needs of the wild critters and 
saves habitat that is open space for people to commune with nature and not 
have to worry about the wildlife dying by way of hunting.

Please, don't beat on me... this is my opinion, so back to birding... I 
logged 22 species so far in my Yard Count... how are others fairing?

Donna Lorello

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> One offshoot of the duck feeding discussion is that I was asked, "what can 
> ordinary people and birders do to help birds?".   There are tons of ways 
> and I could probably type pages and pages, but in the mean time, I'd like 
> to throw out one easy way and open up a thread where people can add their 
> suggestions.
> One very easy way is to buy duck stamps, they are available in post 
> offices and the proceeds from their sales are used to purchase habitat for 
> birds, and not just ducks.  The Migratory Bird Conservation Fund is an 
> important source of funding to acquire land for the National Wildlife 
> Refuge system and has provided millions of dollars of funding for New 
> England's own Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge to acquire 
> land in the Connecticut River Watershed.
> For more information on duck stamps:
> http://www.fws.gov/duckstamps/Info/Stamps/stampinfo.htm
> I will post more suggestions later, but for now I'd love to hear what 
> other suggestions are out there.
> Thanks!
> Patrick Comins, Meriden
> Audubon Connecticut, COA and Friends of Conte.
> PS Also I was reminded of a few other reasons why waterfowl feeding is 
> discuraged, salmonella, aspergillosis (mold poisoning), avain flu and 
> botulism.    I also remembered about this document from the USFWS:
> http://library.fws.gov/Pubs9/caution_waterfowl.pdf
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