[CT Birds] hunting and land preservation and waterfowl feeding

Donna sunny19682 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 13 14:19:41 EST 2010

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who emailed me privately about their views on hunting and land preservation and waterfowl feeding etc...  It's all been an interesting read and I've gotten enough viewpoints that nothing further is needed.  If there are efforts out there that engage in land/species preservation without the allowance of hunting - land that is truly free for the wild things... land open to those who enjoy nature in a pure sense, do send such info my way... I'll be happy to support such efforts when funds allow.  I wish I were in a way to start such an effort myself, but I'm not capable to do so at the moment...

Again, my many thanks for the information and your views and I must ask to please only email me if you have info on such land preservation efforts that don't allow hunting.  I'll definitely appreciate learning of those efforts.  


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