[CT Birds] Southbury birding

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Sun Feb 14 16:02:51 EST 2010

2/14   Shepaug Dam, Southbury.
Spent about  1/2 hour at Shepaug Dam (11:30AM-noon).  1   AdultBald eagle 
(white head) first sitting in pine tree and then soaring  over the area.
In the river below the dam were about 300 Red Breasted mergansers, about  
200 Black ducks,.
In the trees surrounding eagle viewing hut were 10 chickadees, 8 American  
robins, 3 juncos, 2 blue jays, 1 Bluebird sitting on the bluebird box and
down river were 47 Canada geese.
Then, after lunch, we went to Bent of the River for an hour  
(1:30PM-2:30PM) or so.....in the river area were 2 female Red breasted  mergansers & 12 
mallards.  Along the river path and at the feeders were  7 titmice, 12 
chickadees, 2 downy woodpeckers, 1 Flicker, 2 American crows, 10  mourning doves, 3 
blue jays, 3 song sparrows, 1 American tree sparrow, 4 juncos,  1 male 
cardinal, 6 white throated sparrows and heard 1 W.B. nuthatch.   Beautiful 
weather to be out today.
Bev Propen, Orange

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