[CT Birds] Late report - misc Friday, 2-19 birds

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sat Feb 20 20:35:05 EST 2010

I attended the COA gull workshop at the Windsor dump, thanks  Patrick, 
great job.
I was a little early so I stopped at the gate and watched a  flock of 
sparrows. Several species there, but best one for me was my first  Chipping 
Sparrow (actually, 2 I think) of the season.  Here's a link to  some pictures of 
the gulls:
After the  workshop I headed over to the Sta 43 area in  South windsor.  As 
I drove down Vibert Rd. I spotted an immature Bald Eagle  circling near the 
river, being pursued by a couple of crows.  I drove to  the parking lot by 
the river and watched the area for a few minutes.  A  couple more crows were 
pursuing something, and when I got my bins on it, it was  a Kestrel.  As I 
watched them a big ball of birds (E. Starlings I think)  came up from behind 
the trees.  Then I spotted a larger bird streaking in  and was treated to a 
Peregrine making 2 or 3 passes through the flock.  As  far as I could tell 
it missed, though. 
I took a look at  the Bald Eagle nest, but I'm sorry to  say it appears it 
may not have been successful this year.  I watched for  more than half an 
hour and saw no activity, except for a crow that perched in  the tree very 
near the nest.  I did see an adult Bald Eagle circling beyond  the nest for a 
minute, but it made no move towards it, and there was no response  from the 
Don Morgan

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