[CT Birds] Barn Owl Web Cam

Betty Zuraw bzfeathers at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 22 22:31:10 EST 2010

I just learned of a web cam in Southern California showing a Barn Owl nest. A check showed the mother standing/sitting to the left, and under and behind her is a fuzzy mass often clearly revealing chicks. Mother then left the nest and returned with food so some babies were clearly in view being fed. Short time later, father flew in and deposited some food. 
    Mother laid 7 eggs during the first 2 weeks in January; they hatched during the first 2 weeks of February. If you're interested in viewing, the site is www.starrranch.org  The site is Starr Ranch so be sure to use three r's in the address. When you get to the site, click on "live barn owl cam" which is located right below the top picture. 
    I'll admit I have at least some reservations about invasions of nesting birds' privacy but this is very appealing so I'll send this only to report the existence of this site, which is sponsored by Audubon California and National Audubon.
Betty Zuraw

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