[CT Birds] Robins & Cedar Wax Wings

Gary Prestash gprestash28 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 22 23:22:29 EST 2010

As my wife and I pulled into our church's parking lot in New Haven on Sunday morning, I noticed a lot of commotion from birds in the 60 ft+ high holly tree that is on one side of the church.  I watched them for a few minutes, noting only many, many Robins flying in, grabbing a red berry, and flying back out again.  A couple of minutes later I thought I noticed some "thin" Robins in the tree.  I had my bino's in the car and checked out the birds more closely and found that there was a small group of Cedar Wax Wings mixed in with the Robins.  I saw this very same activity in this same holly tree last year, and at about the same time of year.  I hadn't seen many reports of CWW to speak of this year and then stumbled onto them at our church - just as I did last year.

Gary Prestash
Hamden, CT

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