[CT Birds] Hammo on a quiet Monday

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Feb 23 16:50:33 EST 2010

I did the usual tour of Hammo on Monday, didn't make it to the  campground 
though.  I met far more  people there to see the seals at  the end of the 
moraine trail than I did birders.  Actually it was a good  look - I counted 13 
or 14 lounging on the rocks at low (really low!) tide.   A few pics of them 
Only bird of note offshore was a Red-throated Loon I spotted at  the 
breakwater, drifting east with the tide.
I headed out the causeway to Willard's Island and had only gone  a litte 
way when I was surprised to see an adult Great Blue Heron standing right  next 
to me, only about 15 feet from the road.  He was so close I could  actually 
take his picture without digiscoping.  He was very thin and  scrawny 
looking - I don't think he's doing too well.  Looked like he was  trying to fish 
in the little puddle next to the causeway.  When a couple of  more people 
came along he was able to fly away, however.  Hope he makes it  through the 
winter.  Pics Here:
A few Yellow-rumps still in the Willard's thickets, and a  Northern Harrier 
flew over as I walked out.  Very little else around.   I did hear a bird 
singing faintly on the causeway - may have been a wren.   Couldn't hear it 
well enough to tell.
Don Morgan

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