[CT Birds] Stratford yard neighborhood

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 24 09:11:06 EST 2010

2/24, Stratford yard and wood edges-


(6) Flickers (2 on my feeder, one on the ground under the feeder, and 3 in the trees)

(1) Eastern Towhee (he has been here since before the CBC so he is now known as Tucker the Towhee)

(7) Cedar Waxwings....  3 landed in the tree tops, the rest continued on to wherever

(1) Brown Creeper in my 'special' feeder spot'**



**My condos inexplicably demolished and cut down tons of trees and branches to get ready to vinyl side the whole place (several meetings and votes and schisms betrayals.... man I hate condos.  It would cost the same to powerwash AND paint the whole complex for like 6 years as it would to put up vinyl...  grrrrr).  


They broke, not cut, broke off a very large branch coming from the tree I hang one of my feeders on (said branch used to hold a suet feeder....  I found it on the ground broken when they were done).  Where the break is, and the way the wood broke, it created a perfect 'pocket' to stick suet or apples in or fill it with seed.  Until this morning I've only seen Jays, Titmice, Nuthtches, RBWPs and Flickers try out that spot.  I was stoked to see a little brown blob, eating upside down, from the 'special' spot.  Creepers are one of my favorite examples of evolution.... other than hummers.  They are perfectly evolved for their life.  So neat.



Is there a better feeling than seeing a bird go to a new feeder/house for the first time???  I don't think so.  I love it!



No Ravens this morning.  Questions have arised about if the ones near me/Chapel School are the Shelton pair, or their offspring, or neither.  That is something I look forward to figuring out.



Good birding (in bad weather),



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

b.webster at hotmail.com




Check out my last or 2nd to last post on my blog to help me ID a prairie buteo from North Dakota from September 2008.  So far I've gotten mostly juvenile Krider's as responses (which is what I am leaning to), but I've also been told maybe a light-morph Ferriginous.  Not a great photo.... but for driving 45mph on a dirt road in 4x4, seeing the bird eating prey in the middle of a GIANT field on the ground, stopping, grabbed the camera, put on the lens, then catch him once as he flew away...I think it was OK.  Thankfully, the only photo I got shows helpful field marks.  


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