[CT Birds] Mansfield Eagles,Coventry yard birds

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Mon Mar 1 17:10:41 EST 2010

I stopped at the Mansfield Hollow boat launch about 12:45 this  afternoon 
and  2 adult Bald Eagles were sitting in the tree in the  northeast corner at 
the mouth of the Mount Hope River.   Didn't see  much else except 4 male  
Common Mergansers in the outflow of the Mount  hope.  All still there when I 
left around 1:15.  I stopped back at  2:00 and no eagles in the tree.  Then 
I spotted them about 25 feet from  each other on the ice.  No sign of a 
kill, they were just sitting.   the Mergs, of course, were no longer in the open 
water, but they did do a high  altitude fly-by, checking on the 
where-abouts of the Eagles. Eventually the 2  eagles walked to each other and just sat 
together for a while.  One  does appear to be slightly larger than the 
other, and both are full adults, but  at this point they are apparently not going 
to nest - I believe it's too late  now.  Around 2:40 one of the birds took 
off and flew around the lake, then  out of sight.  The other was still on 
the ice when I left around  2:50.  I'd be willing to bet they are the same 
pair that was around all  last year, and, I believe, the year before also, 
though 1 was an immature  then.  Anyhow, its great to see them again.  A steady 
20 mph + wind  and the distance made pics almost impossible, but here's one 
that you can at  least tell what they are:
I have noticed a change in the make-up of my yard bird  population during 
the past week of storms.  I only had about half the  # of juncos, at the 
most, that I had in mid-winter, maybe 35 or so now.   However, my 6 Goldfinches  
have grown to over 50 for at least one count  last week.   I still have 
mostly the same numbers of other misc. birds  around, but last week they 
visited my feeders MUCH less often than they had  during previous storms, even 
when the ground was snow-covered.  
Don Morgan

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