[CT Birds] Some bird MoJO for early march.....

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 2 14:06:05 EST 2010

Most of this was 'car-birding'.  I probably didn't walk more than 100 yards total! =)  Thought it is a beautiful day to be out.



>3/2, Johnson's Creek, Stratford (it is in part of Stratford) @ 9:00am-


(1) 'Western' Willet continues.  The tide was rising so he was on the long ramp that runs N/S along the creek, at the very end.

(1) Belted Kingfisher

(11) Hooded Mergansers

(2) adult Red-tailed hawks, clearly interacting



>3/2, Great Meadow Marsh, marsh behind the warehouses @ 9:18am-


(2) Northern Harriers (unfortunately, no ghosts)



>3/2, Long Beach, Stratford @ around 9:40-11ish (ran into Frank Mantlik on my way out)


(x) Goldeneye... too mixed in with the gulls to be sure (full Moon and huge rafts of gulls out there again!)  I'd say I saw maybe 50

(2) Horned Grebe (what a drop off from a few days ago!)

(2) Great Cormorants

(2) Red-throated Loons (Frank had a pod of about 6 also)

(1) 2nd cycle GLAUCOUS GULL

(1) Lesser-Blacked Back gull (thanks to Frank for securing my ID.  I saw what I thought was an LBBG, mentioned it to him, and I'm glad he found it)


The Glauco (refered to by a local there as 'Glock 9'...who also stated the bird was here the winter BEFFORE last) stayed mainly beyond the jetty at the end of the parking lot, if not on the rocks with just it's head showing.  I had it about 1/4 of the way down from the 'parking lot jetty' to the next jetty in line going towards the cottages.  Feeding on slippers, I presumed.


As Frank and I scoped a bit, we were treated to a nice fly-over of this BIG, gorgeous bird... and it went right back to where I had first located it.



>3/2 Frash Pond, Stratford @ 11:16am-


(26) Canvasback (all sleeping except for maybe 3)

(5) Lesser Scaup (3 male, 2 female)

(1) Scaup sp.**

(1) Pied-billed Grebe

(8) Bufflhead

(1) sub-adult Bald Eagle fly-over


**  The bird was a female, but it had MUCH more white on the area just behind the beak and the 'front of the cheeks' than a female Lesser, which I was able to compare on the same scope view....  Her head was a bit more rounded, but it was hard to tell.  I'm thinking female Greater, also because she hung with the Canvasback as the group of Lessers moved and dove along elsewhere.


Maybe someone will be able to tell if it was 5 Lessers and 1 female Greater?  Or just 6 Lessers (awesome birds either way! I love to see them up close on calm water)



>3/2, Just above the ledge on the tunnel on RT-15 (southbound) @ 12:15pm-


(1) Black Vulture



>3/2, RT-15 above Mile Marker 46 (I think it's near like exit 56 or 57... again, going southbound.  Great song, by the way.) @ 12:19pm-


(1) Common Raven



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

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