[CT Birds] Scoter flock off Stratford Point

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Mar 2 18:16:36 EST 2010

Twan Leenders wrote: 
Large flocks of scoters were gathering off Stratford Point this morning and 
 the off-shore scoter flock that was notably missing for much of this 
winter has  just returned with a vengeance. Although an actual count is 
impossible at the  moment because of the glare, based on the number of birds seen as 
they were  flying in, there must be at least 6,000 birds there at the moment.

A month or so ago I noted, on a trip to the RI shore, that  there  was a 
tremendous raft of presumed scoters off Weekapaug, east of the  breachway.  I 
estimated it to be at least several  thousand.    Perhaps some will remember 
the post.  I got a  few emails confirming that a large group of scoters was 
in the area from the RI  list.  I went to RI today, and checked that area 
carefully.  Aside  from a few loons and grebes there were no birds visible 
offshore.  I did  not see a single scoter.  As recently as 2/20, on the NHBC 
Sachuest Pt  trip, there were good numbers of scoters of all 3 species.  This 
leads me  to wonder if the birds Twan saw today are, in part at least, the 
same ones I  saw.  The number he quotes is certainly in line with my  
Don Morgan

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