[CT Birds] signs of spring

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Tue Mar 2 18:49:59 EST 2010

The signs of spring are evident. I have not gotten Bonaparte's Gulls at Penfield Reef yet, but I expect I will see them soon. The Northern Cardinals, House Finches, Song Sparrows, and Red-winged Blackbirds are singing. Sightings on Penfield Reef and Fairfield Beach today:

1 Great Cormorant
210 Common Goldeneye-- the numbers are decreasing-- males were throwing back head and giving the breeding call
60 Long-tailed Ducks-- they are increasing
Although not nearly in the numbers that Twan had, I also had scoters here today, which are uncommon for here: 6 White winged, and 2 Surf (Surf is a new bird for Penfield Reef for me)
5 Red-throated Loons
1 Common Loon
47 Horned Grebes-- the most I have ever seen before
7 Bufflehead
30 Brant
21 Red-breasted Mergansers
The gulls will be coming soon!!

James Randall

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