[CT Birds] Step 1 in hybrid duck and signs of Spring.....

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 10:37:49 EST 2010

3/4, Peck's Mill Pond, Stratford @ 10:00a-


(1) female Northern Pintail in with about a dozen Mallards and Black Ducks


I watch this pond a lot, and over the last couple weeks (like elsewere), the ducks are swimming in pairs and doing a bit of courting.  This morning, a blue-headed Mallard (even different angles still showed blue) was pursuing a sassy female Pintail.  Trailing behind the drake, was a female Mallard, almost seeming like it was searching for attention.  If I can say this without sounding sexist....  the guy followed the prettier girl and let lesser follow!


Very neat to watch.



Some signs of Spring have been brought up, and I'd like to add somethings I noticed this morning....   my tulip bed has over 50 blooms, a few over 2"!  My hydrangea has it's purple tipped buds, and my early spring Irises are breaking earth.


While looking around my yard, I heard two, then 4, then 25 songsters!!  Mr. Mocker thought today was the best day to start his several month long cover-show.  As far as coverbands go, it's hard to The Machine or Shakedown, but the Northern Mockingbird has to be #1.




In addition, last night at a friends house in Stratford we were treated to communicating Great Horned Owls.



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

b.webster at hotmail.com




(Man... why can't UCONN pull it together for long enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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