[CT Birds] Coastal Stratford

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Fri Mar 5 17:33:53 EST 2010

I happened upon Buzz Devine at Long Beach in Stratford at about 12:45 this  
afternoon and we birded along coastal Stratford until about 3 PM. A few of 
the  sightings are as follows:
Glaucous Gull at Long Beach - There were a few hundred Herring and  
Ring-billed Gulls near shore, feeding upon plankton in the water.
Common Goldeneye - Buzz estimated at least 2000 off of  Stratford Point. It 
was one of the largest congregations of Common Goldeneye  which I have ever 
seen in Connecticut. They were far out and a scope was  definitely needed.  
Surf Scoter (1) -The huge flock of scoter (sp.), which Twan Leenders  
recently estimated at 6000 birds,  was nowhere to be seen. Things change  from 
day to day now. 
Canvasback (29) - Frash Pond
We saw only 1 Common Loon off of the point and no Horned Grebes at all.  
Nearby,off of Fairfield, Horned Grebes have been very numerous, with some 
recent  counts in the 40's near Penfield Reef.
American Coot (7) - Birdseye Street boat ramp area. Also a Pied-billed  
Grebe there.
Snow Bunting (2) - Stratford Point
Charlie Barnard

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