[CT Birds] Sunrise Birding Walk - Barrow's Goldeneye Penfield Reef

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Sat Mar 6 20:50:34 EST 2010

 Hi All,

A nice morning out that was really dominated by the Barrow's experience. I spotted a female out in the direction of Pleasure Beach but it took off without many of the group getting looks at it amongst a huge group of Common Goldeneye (300 or so). The groups split up and about 40 returned to the east side of the reef with the rest heading out west. Luckily amongst the smaller group was a male Barrow's which then provided distant but good looks. As well as actively diving it was displaying as well, which was cool, and we got to observe the difference in display style over the Common Goldeneyes. Also out from the reef were perhaps a dozen White-winged Scoter, a few Horned Grebes, a distant raft of Scaup further out (not huge perhaps a few hundred) but not a whiff of Long-tailed Duck!

Not a great deal else to report but small groups of overhead blackbirds, a cacophony of morning birdsong and a little group of Wood Duck on the Aspetuck Reservoir were all a nice portent of springs arrival. Thanks to Nick for getting word out quickly and Brian W for the report that spurred on the plan to visit the reef today.

>From Luke Tiller and Sunrise Birding Group

Fairfield, Penfield Reef - 2 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE, - east side of reef, 12 White-winged Scoter - west side of reef

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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