[CT Birds] Raccoons (Spring)

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 7 08:27:32 EST 2010

It sure is.


Last night I hiked my small woods to a close Woodcock displaying/breeding site (no luck last night), and before I knew it, it was dark.


Before I sat down to wait for the (no)show, I noticed FRESH coyote scat (like often, on a fallen tree... weird) filled with mini bones and hair.


Soon, I heard footsteps behind me as the light faded... wheeww... just the 3 Toms.  They scared the everything out of me whne they decided to fly up into the hickories for the night.



Next to pass by was a small buck with 1 antler (which I later found... just a 2 year old).



And last, but certainly not least, were two coyotes.  My flashlight shined at them, and their eyes glowed right back at me. Turning off the light, I had no clue where they are.  In my woods, turkeys are never quiet (including footsteps) unless in the tree.... deer always move a bit, and after I stay still, they eventually go about their business and leave.  But I was in the den!!


I heard a few 'huffs and puffs', and a bit of ground pounding... as if the canine lifted up onto it's hind legs and slammed the front two down.  Then.... silence.  Not a movement.  So I just continued on my path home.



I get home and do a google....  prime Coyote breeding season.  Ooops!




Also, while waiting in the woods/edge/cut.... I had a Winter Wren, 4 GC Kinglets, and a flock of passerines (mostly WTSP, SOSP and ATSP) numbering over 100 moving through the thickets.



Interesting night....  just about everything besides the Woodcocks!!



Brian Webster

Stratford, CT

b.webster at hotmail.com

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> Last night thought I heard a noise outside our window and when I turned on the outside light, sure enough, 2 good size raccoons were near our bird feeder which contains sunflower hearts and chips. 
> Spring is here in CT. (lol)
> Marty from Woodbury
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